Our cause

Building partnerships that inspire

Like the bird that incorporates the sounds of the environment into its song, Sabiá (the brazilian version of the American Robin) brings the essence of the customer’s brand to every action, thought and attitude.

We shape our way of working to meet the needs of each business. By means of carefully designed content, creatives and digital solutions, we bring out the uniqueness of each business and incorporate it in each project.

Fly with us!

Our team lives outside the cage

This is a team that works immersively following our values — affectionately called “our warmth” — with a lot of fun, confidence, commitment, courage, curiosity, complicity and collaboration to create transformative projects.

Our employees (also known as birds) and strategic partners have complementary specialties to deliver tailor-made solutions, perfectly adapted to the specific needs of each client’s “onlife” challenges.

Sabiá’s Values




We do it better when we do it together.



We neither rest on our laurels nor set in our ways.



We always play, take chances, learn, and reinvent.



We fulfill what we promise. You can count on that at all times!



We trust ourselves, our team, and our client.



We do not leave any employee or partner in the lurch.



We have fun when we work and we do what we like.

Our commitment to have a more diverse and inclusive nest.

At Sabiá, we are courageous. We play, take risks, learn, and always reinvent ourselves. We do all these things with the courage to always evolve. We look both inside and around ourselves.

We look inside. We see a diverse nest with all our employees bringing their song, their tone, and their charm. Our essence is in the colors, shapes, and belief of the transforming power of differences. We work for diversity and inclusion to promote a respectful and inclusive organizational culture so that all individuals can express themselves and fly fearlessly in an open, safe, and collaborative environment.

We look around ourselves. We see a sky of possibilities to expand our flight with even more colors and strength. We believe in the power of the plurality of origins, cultures, beliefs, experiences, races, genders, sexual orientations, gender identity, age, strengths, and limitations. We see that we need to go further and do more because we want to fly showing more colors and strength!



We believe that we guide change, and we need to unite our voices to sing a loud song that may mobilize and help in the construction of a fairer and more egalitarian job market and world.

Thus, in May 2021 we affirmed our public commitment to diversity before our employees, customers, suppliers, partners, and the society.

We are committed to our proactive and purposeful efforts to promote safe and respectful environments that value differences and allow real inclusion to exist, ensuring equal opportunities for every single individual in the nest.

This endeavor will be reflected in the ways in which we communicate, in the creative projects we design, in the daily routine of our partnership relationships, and in the way we recruit and develop people.

And to every single person who has suggestions on how we can do better to honor this commitment and keep on singing louder together: you are welcome to send us your tips and feedback. We do better when we do it together.

Leading a team that flies

Pedro Braga

Advertising professional by ESPM, MBA by IESE, Pedro joins creativity, innovation and business thinking. Sabiá’s founder, he is a writer with more than 14 years of professional history.

Rose Ramos

Engineer by UNICAMP, MBA by IESE, specialized by MIT. Rose is our planner, PMP and Change Management (Prosci) certified. She worked for PepsiCo and Natura during a 13 years executive career, supporting multi-sites and multi-countries projects.

José Braga

Journalist with 30 years of experience in institutional and political marketing, working with leaders in opinion formation.
Specialized in Change Management.

Pledge 1%

Sabiá has always supported social and cultural initiatives in a pro bono format, and since September 2018, we have structured this model.
We have become part of Pledge 1%, a global movement that aims to include the practice of donating into the DNA of companies. This way, we look for NGOs in Brazil that are in need of some kind of good action.
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Great Place to Create

Our team works immersively to create transformative projects, with complementary competencies to deliver results perfectly tailored to the specific needs of each customer’s online challenges. Our company is, since 2017, certified by GPTW as a Great Place to Work.