Brand identity as a catalyst for growth


Bioage Skincare Solutions has 15 years of history in dermocosmetics and, in the last 5, has accelerated its innovation policy, launching new technologies that have propelled the company to an annual growth of around 70%.

With this, it has quickly become one of the main professional cosmetic brands in the market, with leadership in southern Brazil, distribution throughout Latin America and Central America, countries in Europe and the Middle East.

Commercially, the company counts with telesales channels, e-commerce, strategic partnerships and more than 50 franchised distributors. In short: a complex environment, with several factors and fierce competition.



Sabiá conducted immersion and active listening exercises with technical and commercial areas, franchisees and professional clients to rationalize the differentials of the brand, understand any differences in perception structure and the Brandbook.

As deliverable, BIOAGE now has a detailed material that defines brand attributes in line with the strategy, provides face-to-face communication channels, traditional media and digital media, and conditions of use appropriate to the different audiences of the company.





  • Business, public and channel immersion – Experience on internal audiences, commercial teams, sales channels, professional audiences and home care to capture the essence of the brand.


  • Building the brand’s key elements – Formalization of brand concepts, logo, submarket hierarchy and support elements, standardization of colors, fonts and images.


  • Study and formalization for compositions and layouts – Standardization of creation guidelines for different multi-channel and multi-public communication pieces, with didactic application examples.



“Congratulations! The Brandbook was very good! I’m sure it will be a guideline for everything that is done inside Bioage, contextualizing the brand in all the pieces and keeping a unit in all the communication.”– Daniel Soares.

“It’s awesome! For sure the use of Brandbook will strengthen the brand; besides, the art work is coming out beautifully!” – Lara Alves


Segmento: Empresas B2B, Health & Care, Varejo