Brasoftware – Lead generation for Microsoft

Attracting attention and mobilizing a super-segmented audience

In this action for Microsoft and Brasoftware, Sabiá tackled challenges to impact a very restricted target audience,

with a reduced budget. The idea was to introduce IT professionals and CIOs’ executive secretaries, specifically from 193 target companies, to the existence of Microsoft communities.

The segmented audience should feel interested and sign up to the platforms, but professionals outside the target would not have their registrations validated, with risk of frustration.



Applying the resources of LinkedIn Ads, Sabiá segmented audiences by professional profile and for each target company.

The creation highlighted the contents as exclusive and adherent to the professional interests of the target audiences.

We created specific showcases and used videos, image Ads, In-Mail, with posting grid and rigid management of investments and results, since the maximum activation time was three weeks




• Average CPM within the exclusive audience was R$ 47.

• Over 42% of openings and 12% of clicks on In-Mails, above any LinkedIn benchmark at the time.

• 500% more total subscribers and 1,600% more subscribers within the target in Microsoft Corporate Communities, compared to previous activations carried out by Microsoft or by Brasoftware’s competitor partners.

• Strengthening Brasoftware’s partnership image with Microsoft.

• Disclosure of the case at Social Media Week 2017.


Segmento: Empresas B2B, TI e Telecom