With almost 60 years of existence, Medral, an electrical engineering services company, needed to reaffirm its purpose, awaken the team’s sense of pride and ensure that each of the organization’s more than 400 employees would daily experience the company’s values and culture.



Bring the culture of proximity and commitment to employees, which differentiates Medral from other companies in its segment, for the dissemination of corporate values.



Create a campaign with the face and the way of Medral, generating the greatest possible engagement and motivating employees to respect and defend the values and organizational culture every day in its various functions.



The strategy had an integrated plan that included communication channels and traditional rituals and Medral’s owners, joining communication, activation and training, made in partnership with the HR team. 

Supported by the strategy, the Values that links us  campaign brought together employees of various functions, such as administration, maintenance of underground electricity network and factory, with representatives at different headquarters of the company, and quickly gained the sympathy of the entire Medral team.



 Proprietary and relevant content

The coordinators of the different units were involved from the beginning, knowing the concept first hand and having the privilege of indicating the outstanding collaborators, who were the stars of the campaign.


 Mix of traditional channels and proprietary rituals

The campaign was distributed and activated in traditional channels (intranet, banners, murals, etc.), but also adapted to be communicated in the already existing Medral rituals, such as board meetings, Daily Safety Dialogue with breakfast, etc.


 Special Workshops

In partnership with HR, workshops were created on each of the values, in an intense cycle of immersion that lasted 5 weeks.


 Activation with Cultural Contest

A photo contest was created with the theme values, which moved employees from all areas and headquarters, having their work exposed and the opportunity to win special awards.



 Engagement of all units and areas;

Participation above expectations in workshops and competition;

Employee motivation and engagement;

 Strengthening communication between organization and employees;

 Departments working closer together;

 Employees’ sense of belonging.

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