FECAP has over 114 years of tradition in quality education in São Paulo. With the best evaluation rates at MEC and courses in College, Undergraduate, Postgraduate, MBA and Master’s degrees, it carries out endomarketing and internal public engagement actions with its own Marketing team, and student recruitment actions with Sabiá support since April 2016.

FECAP’s Corporate area was launched last semester with the challenge of presenting itself to the B2B market: decision makers in the areas of HR, Organizational Development and C-Level of medium and large organizations.

Its portfolio includes tailor-made solutions for in-company courses, as well as improvement courses, corporate partnerships and special education projects.



Sabiá structured, in line with the client’s needs, the brand identity, commercial presentation detailing the FECAP Corporate portfolio and a premium folder as leave behind for business meetings.

In addition, a lead generation campaign was conducted mainly on LinkedIn media and with support in Facebook Ads and Email Marketing, with the free e-book download  motto aimed at the target audience with the theme: Corporate Education – how to prepare your organization to grow in 2017?



The institutional presentation and commercial folder were widely accepted by the public, being praised by the FECAP public and key stakeholders: professors engaged in the commercial process and supported the Corporate area in the dissemination of its solutions to potential clients.



The lead generation campaign was exposed to more than 105 thousand people from the segmented public, generating more than 1,000 accesses to the site and more than 150 qualified leads in less than 30 days.



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