HCor is one of the reference hospitals in the country, and among its other specialties it offers services in cardiology, neurology, oncology, orthopedics, diagnostic medicine, among others.

Agência Sabiá works in partnership with the Hospital’s endomarketing since 2017, continuously evolving the communication strategies to keep a team of about 5 thousand employees and doctors informed about hospital’s services, to integrate areas, to motivate the teams and to engage them in the purpose of the brand.




Since the first months of 2020, all HCor employees, both in the care and medical areas, as well as management and support teams, have been working intensively to assist patients and mitigate the global health crisis imposed on society in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic.


The Communication and HR teams, together with the leadership, were already acting intensively to provide employees with the necessary resources for their physical and mental health. However, considering that the pandemic context would potentially extend, it became important to structure new actions to promote well-being and to value and recognize these health heroes.


THE SOLUTION: HCor Heroes Program


Sabiá, together with the HCor team, planned a recognition program, which included and enhanced the actions already being carried out by the hospital’s communication and HR teams. With the program, the actions were expanded, incorporating ways to contribute to decompression, joy and lightness in the work of employees. Actions to mitigate the feelings of tiredness and concern, capable of broadening the mood and engagement of employees so that they would remain committed to the collective purpose of HCor. 

The program had as concept proposal the recognition of the role of the teams as heroes in the fight against the pandemic. Heroes who apply, with all the effort, their unique skills to promote well-being and care for people.


logotipo herois hcor


It is not an exclusive concept, but above that it is an integrating concept. A concept that reinforces the value to the community of heroes who, together, build the fighting force that will lead everyone to victory against the pandemic. 


Integrated engagement pillars

The HCor Heroes program valued and promoted the well-being of employees working on 5 pillars: Inspire, Connect, Energize, Celebrate, Relax.


pilares engajamento


With a structured calendar of continued actions supporting each of the pillars of the program in various communication channels of the hospital, the work was essential to strengthen the sense of engagement of all HCor Heroes. 


 Check out some examples of these actions!



Art in the changing rooms of employees working in the areas of Covid-19 treatment

Sabiá selected an experienced graffiti professional, Ronaldo Inc, and supported in the briefing and image validation flow that would be painted on the walls of the circulation spaces of key health professionals. The work was beautiful and a great success among the team.






Treats to relax and sweeten the days

A loving gift need not be too expensive. It needs to make sense and be thought out for those who receive it. This is how HCor’s collaborators were gifted. Chocolates to energize and teas to relax were packed in attentive messages from the HCor Heroes platform. The collaborators liked it so much that they spontaneously published their pride in being part of this team on their social networks.


posts social midia mimos


Videos with messages of affection

HCor’s choir and the health professionals’ families prepared incentive and motivation messages, disseminated in videos to the whole team.


post video






The work of HCor’s professionals continues, with all the affection, taking care of the patients in diagnosis and treatment of Covid-19 and also of the several other health areas that are hospital specialty. In an intense and even more engaged way, these professionals continue knowing that they are recognized as true heroes by the company and society.


The actions disclosed on LinkedIn’s Company Page to the external public reinforced society’s pride in the role of HCor Heroes and also strengthened the company’s employer branding. More than 71 thousand people were impacted with more than 2,800 positive interactions with the posts.



“Sabiá is always ready to serve, is always very flexible and present, not to mention the sophisticated design.”


Flavia Amati Oliveira, Internal Communication – HCor


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