IT Lead Generation: Quality Content and Smart Strategy to Drive Real Results

Lead generation is one of the most common goals of B2B campaigns, especially in the field of technology. In general, as actions use some value material to attract the attention of the target persona or ICP (Ideal Customer Profile), collect their data, and carry out later approaches of Inbound Marketing or by means of pre-sales teams.

Theoretically speaking, this is a quite simple strategy, but it requires a reasonable level of care towards each of the steps to be truly effective.



At Sabiá, we work with many solutions for the technology market, which encompass digital activations, audience segmentation with social media management, content generation, localization, and asset optimization.

In the case of lead generation, we usually work in all stages of the process:


• Definition of target personas, combining the customer’s experience with ours.

• Choice of means to be used and definition and segmentation of the approach.

• Development of attraction material (e-book, whitepaper, success story, video, demo, or recorded webinar).

• Campaign creation, activation, management, and optimization.

• Definition and execution of the lead nurturing journey or pre-sales dynamics.

• Reports and learnings.




1. Objectives, solutions, and targets

In the first step, we start mapping and building an understanding of the scenario of the business, the strategic objective of the campaign, and the audiences to be addressed. It is at this stage that we define the target audience, the segmentation, the approach to be adopted, based on several campaigns and targets already used in the technology and B2B market. It is also at this point that we make a preliminary map of contents with the potential to become value materials.


2. Campaign flows

We design a macro flow to follow, from lead capture to nurturing and qualification.

At this stage we also combine the optimization routine and learning phases, considering dynamic audience adjustments, ads, and even slightly different versions of value materials.


3. Attraction material (assets)

You can capture data with just a flashy cover and an empty e-book.

But what impression will your make when the potential customer realizes that your content has no value?

That is why at Sabiá we turn contents into stars in a lead generation campaign and strive to develop them.

The materials can vary a lot, according to the objective, audience, and availability of content, but we always aim to create a rich material and a creative and engaging dissemination strategy.



Surveys and reports

Success stories



4. Content dissemination

In order for the material to reach the target audience, we create a variety of ads with specific arguments and clippings for different target audiences and activation channels.

LinkedIn is usually a great ally because it allows you to uniquely segment by jobs, companies, and professional profiles. But, depending on the strategy, the campaign can also use Google, Twitter, vertical online media, and even Instagram or Facebook.


5. Optimization

Having the campaign structure defined, we analyze the materials, ads, and results that we are getting with the active campaign and proceed with the learning curve stage, selecting segmentations and creatives with the best and most adherent responses to the audience.


6. Lead nurturing journeys and/or pre-sale dynamics

Having the collected data, we create a Lead nurturing journey with a sequence of content related to the topic that the lead showed interest in.

The journeys can be linear, with sequential content, or be designed with internal logics and automations, directing customers according to their actions in the emails, depending on the objective and maturity of the project.

Example of a simple lead nurturing journeys.
Each flow must be customized for the specific objective of the campaign.

Another key point in this flow is to align pre-sales dynamics and receive and use feedback in campaigns.

We hold meetings to build scripts and relationships with generated contacts, select and make presentation materials available for the commercial team, in addition to scheduling recurring meetings to assess the quality of leads and the strategy as a whole.

Thus, we help you achieve your goals and expand your business in Latin America with consistent ROI (Return on Investments).


7. Continuous learning

We believe in inspiring partnerships, and we know that our best campaign should always be the next one. Therefore, we always work with transparency of results and an open mind to learn, iterate, and improve with each experiment, action, and campaign. This attitude allows not only results (and relationships) to be better in the short run, but also to improve over time.



• Consistent and high-value leads.

• Improved brand reputation with each campaign (due to the quality of the content).

Generation of new business and opening of strategic doors.

Continuous evolution of digital maturity.

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