Talk to Walk has helped Natura on the challenging task of engaging around 2.000 collaborators on the positive transformation of the change to the new Administrative Building. See the video of the complete case and check more information below 🙂


Change Management is a discipline that works the change process of each individual in a project, while Project Management deals with the deliveries themselves: scope, deadline, cost and quality. For a project to be successful, these tools must go together.

TTW is the Business Unit of Sabiá created to help transforming projects to reach their full potential, uniting Communication and Change Management skills.

TTW’s team has certification in Project Management (PMP), Change Management (PROSCI), executive experience in multinationals and more than 10 years of know-how in endomarketing and engagement campaigns.



All the communication was designed by Talk to Walk, in order to engage the target public with an integrated action that would simplify the change, putting all Natura employees on board of the idea. The new building – Nasp – should reflect not only a new working space but a milestone on company’s cultural transformation, amplifying the collaboration, integration and transparency dynamics between teams.

The challenge was given by the teams’ work history before the change took place in closed spaces. In addition, the people who were going to move were allocated in a well located building, received VR and had some facilities that they could feel “losing” in the process of change. It was necessary to show the reason for the change, the real impact of this on the lives of the people involved, to awaken desire for the new and to mitigate resistance.

All this, taking care of the quality of the relationships between people and in a collaborative way.



To communicate and engage around 2.000 employees on the process of building change, leaving the EBPark, in Lapa, and going to the new Natura Sao Paulo (NASP), at Anhanguera Park. There, 500 employees were already working in operation and management activities of the Distribution Center.



+ Underline with the team’s distrust about the improvements of the change, because everyone had a feeling of affection with the current area.

+ End the insecurity about the loss of site benefits (facilitated logistics, convenience, restaurants, food voucher).

+ A short deadline for making the change.

+ History of previous successful changes, demanding to “raise the bar” of this new process even higher.

+ Context of cultural change and company’s leadership, with new recent presidency, Body Shop acquisition process and brand’s growth resumption in the Brazilian market.




The Talk to Walk team executed a strategic foundation: to ally the different impacted publics and the objectives to them with a map of actions integrated to the methodology and Natura culture.

On the engagement and collaboration front, interviews were made with all the collaborators and a space to capture the initial perception about the change, a movement called Open Listening. It was also counted with around 10 events with the “Ambassadors”, a group of

influencers that showed themselves engaged with the change and helped to build actions and to disseminate the project’s precepts.

Close work was also done with the “Desbravadores”, people who were already working on the Nasp CD and who needed to be placed as protagonists in the project, receiving the new collaborators as hosts of the change, and counting on special communication for their needs. For management and mitigation of impacts, more than 240 hours of work were conducted close to the key areas of the company involved in the project: HR, IT, Spaces, Internal Communication and leadership team.



In addition, several integrated communication actions helped in the process of building awareness, desire for change and information for employees in the pre-change phase. Some of these actions were:


+ Creation of a booklet containing all the information for consultation;

+ Creation of digital content made available in the Collaborator’s APP for agile queries. Posts of news in this Application;

+ Creation of a Technology Guide, detailing how to use new special features of the place such as videoconferencing and wireless meeting rooms;

+ Creation of a FAQ, containing the most common questions and with constant updates;

+ Virtual reality action with 360 glasses, where all the infrastructure of the new building was brought to the people in the old building.




+ All key areas involved;

+ Thinking design and collaborative dynamics;

+ Readiness analysis (Pulse Check);

+ 9 score in Readiness for Change Analysis;

+ A building full of happy employees;

+ A change suitable for Nasp.



It is worth remembering that Change Management does not apply only to physical changes of people from one place to another. Organizational changes occur in process changes, cultural transformations, digital innovations, acquisitions and mergers and in many other contexts.

Talk to Walk is able to conduct this process and optimize the results sought in large projects. For more information, access and contact us:


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