Sabiá + bit2bit Americas :: making the most of virtual events

How a successful face-to-face event was redesigned to be digital

With offices in Peru, Colombia, Mexico, and the United States, bit2bit Americas offers technological solutions based on software and consulting services to address challenges related to DevOps, ITSM, Business Agility and Acceleration of Cloud Computing.



Bit2bit America’s DevOps Experience is a face-to-face event that consists of a full-day experience, where participants can simulate the full cycle of the DevOps methodology by using the tools of their partners: Atlassian, Device42, New Relic, and Puppet.

As a very well-thought-out and animated event, it has already been successfully held in places such as Peru, Mexico, and Colombia. There was no reason to radically change its format.

Until the day when this pandemic came.

It was necessary to pivot the face-to-face event in a fast and practical way, without losing its purpose and practical approach, which has always been the trademark of DevOps Experience.



Sabiá and bit2bit Americas worked together aiming at the user experience, focusing on what was most valuable in the event: a hands-on approach, an approach that would draw users closer, and with a simulation of the entire DevOps cycle. In time, the challenges of turning this face-to-face event into a virtual one have been transformed into opportunities in every single aspect.

Breaking through physical barriers

Adapting the experience to the virtual format

Instead of forcing the public to stay tuned for long periods, which is more difficult to be accomplished in a virtual event, bit2bit Americas’ team broke the event down into different webinars, each one addressing a section of the DevOps cycle. Thus, the participant can attend the entire DevOps journey or just one of the talks. 


Everything is near at hand when there is no need to travel to places

The definition of the event’s target audience can be expanded by taking into account the absence of geographical barriers. 

The more specific themes of each webinar also allowed for separating the target audiences into groups more precisely, thus attracting not only professionals who are interested in the journey but also those who were only interested in a part of it.

The webinar that continues to deliver value

After the series of webinars ended, we took advantage of the rich and robust content created to generate more value by using social networks.

Each webinar was converted into a video that had the trademark of the web series, which could be viewed by registering on the website and a teaser for promotion on social networks.


  • An agile and low-cost strategy, implemented in a few weeks;
  • The total number of participants in the series of webinars increased by 424% when compared to the face-to-face event;
  • Webinars generated 12 videos of content that were used in social networks, emails and are permanently exhibited on the company’s website for lead generation;
  • Visits to the company’s LinkedIn increased by 39% during the period of the webinars*;
  • Visits by new users increased by 58% during the period of the webinars*;
  • Participants from 6 countries;
  • The replicable model gave rise to the following series: ITSM Webinar series and Insight Webinar series.

(*compared to the previous period)

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Erich Sowell – VP Business Development

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