HCor :: How endocommunication strategies engaged employees in the hospital environment.

An assertive internal communication is essential for the system of each and every company, regardless of market segment. Knowing this importance and seeing the need to value the relationship with its team and implement improvements in day-to-day operations, HCor, a traditional hospital in São Paulo founded in 1976, partnered with Sabiá to develop a plan of strategies and actions that would structure all its internal communication.



Structure and establish unity in the internal communication of every HCor. The great challenge of this project is its own segment. The business of a hospital is unique, different from other companies. In a health institution, the great majority of employees have direct contact with the final client, so the internal communication has to be worked with homogeneity, so that everyone is aligned with the values and essence of the brand, to reach the best result to the client.



The first phase was to immerse the institution, discover how processes and flows work. Then, we performed the stage of solid diagnoses, followed by consistent planning, based on the diagnoses found and, finally, an efficient plan of action involving deadlines and responsibilities.



• Quantitative surveys with all employees in the immersion phase.

• We developed a Design Thinking session with collaborators from several areas.

• In-depth interviews with managers.

• Mapping of internal communication processes.

• Mapping of communication channels.

• Proposal of process to be.

• Proposal of demand prioritization matrix.

• Development of Tool Kit.

• Mapping of suggested improvements and new channels, prioritized in 3 implementation horizons, considering the impact generated versus ease of implementation.

• Internal communication training workshops for leaders of several areas.



• More than 2.5 thousand employees engaged and aligned in the same values.

• Valuing the hospital’s marketing sector.

• Greater clarity and unity in internal communication.

• More visibility and reach in activations and internal events.

Segmento: Health & Care