How Sabiá helps companies generate business with smart digital activations and segmented strategies.

In the B2B market, communication challenges tend to be complex, sales more consultative and decisions well thought of. These are important obstacles that require a translation of technical differentials into a light, accessible and assertive language and a digital channel strategy and above average segmentation. 


Great opportunities for the technology market

The technology market, for example, is very adherent to intelligent B2B digital activation strategies. In this market today we already serve brands such as Equinix, Atlassian, Brasoftware, Accept and Ícaro Tech. All with their particularities, audiences and specific challenges. 


When the recipe for success is not having a recipe for success

And if the challenges are different, so should the solutions.

For Accept, a company that manufactures servers and pc’s and distributes them through a network of resellers, we mapped out the need in four hands and used a mix of incentive campaigns for resellers, activation via email ruler, co-participation campaigns with manufacturers of software, graphic materials and content.



In Atlassian’s case, we use channel events, LinkedIn point activations, campaigns to be fired by partners and social networks to generate results. Brasoftware took advantage of different segmentation and strategies depending on the objective, from technical tests of digital maturity for the senior public to software sales promotions for the SME public.  For each challenge, one revenue. For each revenue, increasingly better results.




• Content that makes sense for each market

• Greater employee engagement

• Internal approach with the brand – belonging 

• Sales boom during incentive campaigns

• Greater engagement in social networks

• Growth in the number of quote requests

• Expansion of the brand image to different audiences


That is, with a rich strategy in the understanding of the client and its consumers, it is possible to reach new levels of relationship, even in the most demanding markets. And Sabiá is getting better and better at this.

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