Employee engagement is essential to maintain efficient work routines and optimize the organizational climate and talent retention. In addition, it is essential to the value of the employer brands that are in the best ranking positions such as GPTW – Great Place to Work.

BD is a global medical technology company that produces and markets supplies, antibodies, reagents, equipment and devices for laboratories and hospitals. The company is becoming a leader in the diagnostic market with high technology equipment that speeds up increasingly accurate test results.




In addition to the initiatives applied to the BAU – Business as Usual – the BD faced a challenge to support its teams in the global crisis related to the Covid-19 pandemic, since the first months of 2020.

The BD team quickly established a crisis committee, managing actions to support the teams and assertive communication. In addition, it was essential to promote engagement and pride in being part of the BD at this time, after all, the company provides key resources to hospitals and diagnostic centers that have great impact in mitigating the global health crisis.

It was in this context that Sabiá, already a BD partner for daily actions of internal communication, worked with Brazilian and Latin American communication teams to quickly structure a more than special campaign.


The creative, fast and assertive solution, worked the concept of BD pride applied to the context of fighting Covid-19. With simple and accessible pieces for all collaborators, the key message is that each BD member works to save lives, and that together they will defeat this crisis.


Pride Messages

Phrases were created with messages that reinforce the feeling of pride in working for global health both in factories and distribution centers, their operations are essential for this moment, and in home office performances where the administrative and office teams are.



The phrases, in Portuguese and Spanish, were made available in online PowerPoints, for use in photographs and individual or group videos, produced by the members themselves using their computer screens or printed sheets.

In addition to the PowerPoint files, the phrases were part of various materials for online use such as screens for stories in WhatsApp, Facebook and LinkedIn, Stickers for use in WhatsApp and cover for the personal profile in LinkedIn.




Online Dissemination

Members received guidance on the use of the material through e-mails, reinforcing the rules of information security of the BD and protection of intellectual property to guide the production of photos and postings on social networks.

With the guidelines and communication materials at hand, and full of pride in being part of the culture and value delivery of the BD for the cause of global health promotion, members went to social networks to show their pride. Almost immediately, all major social networks were spontaneously populated with images and messages from members, spreading their engagement with the hashtags #EuBDOrgulho and #MIOrgulhoBD




  • Strategy alignment presentations with regional teams
  • Marketing emails and posters for dissemination and guidance to members
  • Intranet news
  • Editable PowerPoint Phrases
  • Story Screens
  • WhatsApp stickers
  • LinkedIn Covers


The campaign was a success of engagement in all areas and levels of the organization. From the factory teams to the top leadership of the countries and the regions, they expressed their pride and commitment to the BD and its online cause. There were hundreds of publications in less than 3 days of the campaign’s launch, representing the positive reaction to the campaign of more than 20% of all regional audiences in this short period alone.

The efforts to fight the crisis did not stop there. But the teams felt their efforts even more recognized by the organization, leading the message of the brand and the value it generates for such a noble cause for a huge audience of friends, colleagues and clients online.



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