New Relic + Sabiá: Accelerating the adoption of technology solutions in Latin America

New Relic’s cloud platform allows technology, management, customer experience and leadership teams to have all the information they need to find problems faster, leverage valuable business insights and deliver incredible experiences for their customers. 

With high adherence to high performance markets, accelerated transformation projects and DevOps teams, New Relic’s solutions have won over half of the Fortune 100 companies and are used daily by some 17,000 customers.



Even with New Relic’s great global success, the adoption of the solutions in Latin America was below the platform’s enormous potential. 

Accelerating and taking advantage of all the opportunities in the region required overcoming barriers such as dependence on the partner structure, low knowledge of the solutions in the region and the bandwidth limitations of the regional structure, with a lean team, based mainly in the United States. 


THE SOLUTION: Regional partnership and digital growth

The first actions of Agência Sabiá as a New Relic partner in Latin America sought to increase the visibility of the differentials of the brand and solutions in the region, within audiences of high potential.  


Intelligent digital segmentation 

Right from the start, we defined, with the sales team, the regional focus, balancing regional knowledge, local maturity level, global strategy, and the potential of the solutions. After this definition, we used digital media segmentation tools to create precise and strategic targets, which would allow generating fast and consistent results.


Asset optimization for lead generation

With the target well defined, we analyzed the available global materials, selected the most adherent for the public and for the level of maturity of the companies and guide a localization and optimization of the materials for the objectives of Latin America.   

Thus, a content that was exposed on the site with a very technical approach gave rise to an e-book with attractive design, designed for the Fintechs audience and the challenges of transformation of the financial industry, connecting with business leaders. 



Lead generation campaign

The renewed assets were used in lead generation campaigns, focusing on segmented and high value audiences, which generated unprecedented results in the region in just four weeks. 


Reputation in the voice of local customers 

With the success of content adaptation, New Relic decided to take another step in localizing and spreading local stories. With Sabiá’s support in every step of the process of capturing the success case and interface with the client, New Relic can demonstrate the differentials of solutions in the voice of local customers. 

Reinforcing the strategy of delivering value to the financial market, we tell the story of Banco Inter, the first digital bank in Brazil and a client that uses New Relic solutions to support the management of the business as a whole.


Sabiá worked on the pre-production of the content of this local case, with contact with the Inter Bank team, filming testimonial videos, writing articles and an e-book.




In just five weeks of activation, the first lead generation campaign resulted in 168 leads qualified for New Relic commercial activation, with a CTR of 2.13% and an excellent CPC of USD$ 0.38.


New Relic’s first success story in the region, with the contents of Banco Inter, had its material translated and subtitled into Spanish and even English to be disseminated globally. 

The differentials of the solutions were widely adhered to for the activation of Fintechs audiences and prospects in the areas of Finance, CX and Data Insights.

Sabiá won top marks in New Relic’s customer satisfaction survey, and the partnership for growth in the region is just beginning!



“I just saw the Banco Inter case study, which you did independently and it looks awesome!

Thanks for the partnership so far!”


Juan Fernando Lopez Martin, Enterprise Sales Director, New Relic Latin America


Segmento: TI e Telecom