Sabiá valuing high-impact entrepreneurs

Unicamp’s daughter company, Sabiá collaborates with the university’s Innovation Agency, sponsoring the Entrepreneur of the Year Award and offering bonus services to outstanding companies.  In the 1st edition in 2017, three companies were awarded high impact communication projects, in the areas of education and technology.


Veduca is a major online course platform in Brazil, focused on social development. Its challenge was to understand how to create more valuable, adherent and attractive purchase journeys for its audience.


We work together to understand the people, the possibilities of grouping the courses by profile of interest and to create projects of repurchase, taking advantage of the high rates of satisfaction registered by those who took the courses.

The project helped Veduca to create new journeys for the clients, influencing the organization of the site, triggering buyback campaigns and opening new paths for the growth of the platform.





One of the fastest growing technology companies in Brazil, it has a wide range of products and solutions for several markets.  They were the winners of the innovation award and also the Entrepreneurs of the year in the Unicamp event.



One of its flagships in sales are cell phone signal amplifiers, which allow customers to rely on a stronger signal from telephone antennas in remote regions or with physical barriers that would normally reduce their connection.

To further optimize the sales of the solution, demonstrating the unique differentials of Neger amplifiers, Sabiá’s project was based on the construction of a new website. The new platform, responsive and more attractive mobile, is now up to the quality of the technology that Neger offers. The project was developed in an agile process of immersion, web development and content production, presenting the advantages of the product and its uses in a simple and direct manner.



The MoveEdu network of schools has its origins in the Prepara Cursos group, and has been recognized for its Scale Up results. Today there are thousands of schools with SOS Computers, Microlins, People Tech and English brands, among others. The president of the network, Rogério Gabriel, is a former student of Unicamp and a great influence on entrepreneurship among its franchisees and employees..



Sabiá’s challenge was to structure Rogério’s digital communication channels with his current audience and for a new audience of entrepreneurs in general in the country. From a deep analysis of the professional’s digital presence, benchmark analysis and content planning and objectives to expand the audience of the networks, we built the foundations for a new step of professionalization of Rogério’s digital channels.







All the projects of the winners in 2017 were defined in line with the objectives of each business, and worked with all the affection by the Sabiá team aiming to expand even more the value of the already successful companies of the former students of Unicamp.

For 2018, the partnership Sabiá and Inova Unicamp continues. The winning company of the 2nd edition of the Entrepreneur of the Year Award will receive the value of R$ 50K on marketing services, based on the SINAPRO table, and will be able to choose the most adherent services to its needs.

Unicamp alumni will be able to register their company’s case here, and the winner will be announced on October 24, 2018, at Encontro Unicamp Ventures to be done at InovaCampinas.




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