Veritas + Sabiá :: Optimizing the ROI of digital marketing with the sales channel

Veritas is one of the leading companies specialized in data management and storage software, and one of the most relevant international players in backup solutions. The company’s sales structure has a specialized internal team and it has more than 500 registered commercial partners in Latin America, being about 80 qualified ones and 9 distributors.



The LatAm Marketing team works with cooperative investments with the channel and saw the opportunity to optimize their results by consolidating the projects in a coordinated way, with a crowdfunding structure for the regional strategy. 

Sabiá has been the Veritas marketing activation partner ever since, managing investment flows directly with partners and distributors, besides creating digital solutions that enhance the value generated to the channel and the brand relevance.



Co-investment between partners in higher value solutions

In addition to geolocation of content of global origin presenting the solution’s differentials to the LatAm audience (in both Portuguese and Spanish), Sabiá supports the Veritas team in the strategic preparation of events involving the channels, in the activation of successful regional cases and in the creation and management of lead generation campaigns.


Lead generation campaign with an assertive approach

One of the first campaigns managed for Veritas by Sabiá in Latin America focused on Backup Exec 21 content. The campaign was focused on medium-sized companies and the proposal was to capture leads that were interested in the solution’s differentials by means of the dissemination of rich and attractive content on LinkedIn.

The contents were developed with messages that encouraged the audience to overcoming the challenges of accelerated virtualization (which has been essential due to the context of social distancing experienced in 2020) while presenting the advantages of building a consistent backup strategy using the Backup Exec 21 solution.

Robust content for different environments

The arguments were developed with specific cuttings for different target audiences and activation channels, involving protection against ransomware, vulnerabilities generated in cloud contexts, protection requirements for the security of remote work, availability benefits, risk reduction, and advantages related to extended free trials.

The materials were prepared for activation in paid media via LinkedIn (Sponsored Ads and In-Mail) besides organic media for the different social networks and WhatsApp to be shared directly by distributors and their business partners.

Channel engagement

Distributors were involved in the campaign from the start, when they were introduced to the overall digital strategy, and in launching the activation.

Online presentations were held in Portuguese and Spanish, with an online session to settle doubts continuously, highlighting the relevance of their involvement as a channel with partners for the promotion of organic content and commercial qualification of their leads.

WhatsApp groups were made available along with the channels in order to settle doubts during the campaign activation and to constantly remind them of the available materials.

Moreover, the entire set of the campaign was made available on the PMC platform for future reactivations of their partners.

Applied Solutions:

  • Direct interface for channel alignment and engagement
  • Media planning and audience segmentation
  • Rich content — e-Book created
  • Variations of Ads for LinkedIn
  • Organic content (social networks and WhatsApp)
  • E-mails to support the lead nutrition flow
  • Performance optimization
  • Lead handling support
  • Final report


All distributors and partners engaged in the campaign and valued the crowdfunding value to optimize Veritas’ brand strategy in the region. 

In 45 days of campaign activation, there were 270,000 ad impressions, with cost per click (CPC) on LinkedIn of R$ 5.70 in average.

Also, 176 leads were stratified, with a 25% commercial success rate, resulting in US$ 50 per business opportunity.


“The organization regarding deadlines and timelines is a differential that surprised us a lot!

I just have to thank you for always being there for us and helping us in this process. We have always received a lot of attention and dedication. Thank you!”

Amber Alomoto — Marketing Campaign Manager for Partners & Distributors — Veritas Latin America